Terms & Conditions

  • There are laws in Australia that do not allow a winery to sell wine to anyone who isn’t 18 or older. By placing an order you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. These same laws say that a winery can’t sell or supply to or to obtain alcohol on behalf of a person under 18. If you are buying a case of wine as a gift, the person you are buying the gift for must also be over 18. If the wine couriers are in any doubt about the age of the recipient on delivery, there is another law that says they must request some form of ID. In this case, if the person receiving the wine is unable to produce appropriate ID, unfortunately the couriers will be unable to deliver the wine.
  • We’ll change our terms and conditions from time to time.
  • From time to time errors occur on the website resulting in sales totals that do not work as reasonably expected. Basils Farm reserves the right to cancel these sales and either refund the monies spent in full or issue a voucher at the customers request. Basils Farm will contact the customer as soon as any errors have been realised.
  • If the wine you ordered is not in stock then we will offer to supply the same variety of wine with a different vintage, or with a similar wine. If the price is different, we will issue a gift voucher for the value of the difference.
  • Basils Farm will undertake it’s best endeavors to assist you in seeking a satisfactory outcome when your order cannot be fulfilled.
  • In the event that payment has been made to Basils Farm by credit card, you agree that you will not seek to charge back your payment to Basils Farm.

Placing your Order

  • You can only create your own “mixed case” by selecting different wines from the “Wines” page.
  • Check that you create an account to take full advantage of loyalty discounts and other benefits.
  • Ensure you print off a copy of your order and receipt.

Payment Security

  • We use PayPal as our monetary transaction manager, with state-of-the-art 256 bit encryption and secure sockets layer (SSL) technology for the transfer of credit card information. Your credit card information will remain confidential and fully encrypted from start to finish. Details of your wine order, contact details and delivery instructions will not be given to anyone except the Winery that processes your order.
  •  Your credit card details will not be disclosed to anyone apart from the bank and will only be used for payment of your order.

 Delivery Charges

  • Delivery charges will vary depending on your delivery address.
  • When ordering, your Shopping Cart will show a total order amount “+ delivery”.
  • Once you proceed to the Checkout you will be asked to enter delivery postcode (along with other delivery address details), which will be used to calculate the appropriate delivery costs. An order total (including delivery) will then be shown.
  • For international deliveries, we reserve the right to first confirm the correct delivery fees to the delivery destination. The total cost of delivery will then be bourne by the customer.

Delivery Timetable

  • Your order will be delivered by a courier company or Australia Post registered parcel post. When placing your order we ask that you specify special delivery instructions, e.g. what to do with your order if you are not at home when your courier arrives. If you are not home, a notice will be left with instructions for facilitating delivery, or the wine will be held at your local AusPost parcel delivery centre.
  • Delivery times will depend on your delivery address and the location of the winery from which order your wine.
  • As a guide, the following delivery times apply:

Working Days

For delivery…

Same State

Other State

Between the metropolitan area of a capital city and a country location

4 – 7

6 – 12

Between country locations

5 – 8

7 – 14

Delivery Problems

  • Please contact us using the contacts page.

Wine Quality Issues

  • If you have any problems with wine quality, please contact via our contacts page.

Customer Satisfaction

  • At Basils Farm, we aim to deal with all enquiries fairly, confidentially and quickly. We will acknowledge your contact within 24 hours. We try to resolve most issues immediately, but where this is not possible, we will keep you informed about progress until a satisfactory resolution has been achieved.


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Acceptable Use

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  • Whilst we take every precaution with the files we make available on our website, protection from malicious or destructive content such as viruses, worms or trojan horses remains your responsibility.

Errors & Omissions

  • Any information Basils Farm publishes may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. At our discretion, we may make changes to information we publish at any time without notice.

External Sites

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