When you visit Basils Farm Café and Cellar Door you’ll find the walls have been turned into a mini-gallery featuring artworks by artist Jessica Baker.

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker is a prominent local artist, with her distinctive resin pieces, brightly coloured large watercolours and thick acrylic and impasto work she attracts much attention.

Born in Geelong and growing up in a family of artists, Jessica is a self-taught painter and explains that art “comes naturally more than anything” to her.

Whether it’s daily life or just her artistic imagination, she draws her inspiration from the world around her and her love of life.  She cites the vibrant Dale Frank as an artist she admires, as well as her father, Steve Baker.

Currently, Jessica is captivated by the unique effect of working with different types of mediums. Acrylic paint, impasto, inks and spray paint. She enjoys layering her paintings with thick heavy brush strokes and palette knife. She is a big fan of colour shapers and silicone brushes. Jessica’s abstract works are eye-catching and would liven up any space.

All artworks are for sale. For further information or to view her current work, please visit:

You can also contact Jessica at: [email protected]

View her work on Instagram: @bakercollection

Photography and Artwork at Basils Farm

If you would like your artwork or photography displayed at Basils Farm, please contact us at: [email protected]