We are pleased to have a number of artworks displayed at Basils Farm by artist Cathy Quinn.

Cathy Quinn

Melbourne-based artist Cathy Quinn is well recognised for her joyously fluid oil paintings.  Her colourful abstracted landscapes take pictorial cues from the various locations she has visited over the years. Although the outdoor scenes are grounded in familiar terrain, they constitute a melding of such to create a personal vision.  Quinn relates that mood is an important aspect in these works; experience of time and place evoke the feeling and direction of her painting.

From Cathy…..
My paintings are a reflection of my experience immersing myself within the landscape. My response to the colour, smell and textures encompasses a deep connection to memories which play out upon the canvas. My focus is generally on the ambiguity created by melding the shapes and weaving layers of colour light and atmosphere.


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Photography and Artwork at Basils Farm

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